Planning for 10 years

My husband and I will be celebrating 10 years this July. It has been very difficult.  I want something that will represent our lives, our styles, or family.  But we are not your normal couple. My husband is in a band.  We love Jesus.  We love Death Metal, it is a style of heavy metal.  We love our 6 kids. And we love food.  Oh yeah, we love each other too.  But how do you say all that.  The cliché wedding ideas are all pretty, perfect styles.  We are not pretty and perfect.  But the “rock” designs are red and black.  Neither of which sound nice to me.  So how do I do this?  How do I say to my beloved how much I love him and who he really is.  I respect the man he has become.  I support his music.  And I am so blessed to still be with him.

Who knows how the day will turn out.  Most likely it will be loud, we do have 6 kids after all.  Most likely there will be humour.  And most likely we will walk away still madly in love with one another.  After all that is what is all about.

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A few days away

This weekend I left the house and went on an adventure with a girlfriend.  We headed South to Austin for an event called South By South West, or SXSW for short.  It’s a music type event with bands and labels and all the people that make music get to the listeners.  And I had an amazing time.  Even had a few drinks.  But I did leave my husband with all 6 kids for 5 days.  And I was pleasantly surprised at how well he handled the entire time.  But with men its different.  I am not sure if he had failed at it if he would have even told me the truth.  He’s one to always tell me the good stuff and not let me worry when I am away.  I do know that the house was not up to its normal look and there was a fire event that required a fire extinguisher, two water hoses, a fire truck and the fire Marshall.  But even that was downplayed to a Haha moment.  But I still have a house, not a trash can, but a house.  I still have 6 kids and I didn’t inspect too closely but I don’t think he has any new grey hairs.  I did have a good time. And I am glad I went away.  Sometimes as Moms we really do need to get away.  Not only for our own sanity but also to be missed.  I need to know that my kids miss me.  I need to know that my husband notices when I am not there.  And just not the house and kids part.  But I need to know he misses me, mind, spirit and body.

I know this weekend my husband and I will be traveling together to a concert.  He is in a band and has to play out of town.  And I get the pleasure of joining him.  Its a good month for me!

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How Many Kids?

Since I have been watching the show about the Duggars I thought about this question.  How many is too many?  How many children should one family actually have?

When I was younger I lived in Ohio, and there the older generations was used to having a large family. The families would consist of anywhere from 12-20 kids regularly.  But now it seems the norm is to have less.  But why is this?  Do the parents now a days really have less love to give?  Or is it all about money?  Can we not afford more?  Or is it that we simply that we are unable to spend more on more children.  And this is more about wants than needs.  I can attest to that.  Our family used to be only 4 of us.  Husband, wife and two kids.  But now on less income we have the 8 of us.  And yet we are making it.  Yes I can’t have all the latest gadgets, we are unable at times to do all the cool things, but we have enough love, we have enough food, we have enough room in  the house.

My opinion is easy. If you can do it, why not?  If you are willing to sacrifice to have the family of your choice, then why shouldn’t you?  It is after all your life.  We look at China as wrong for telling the families there that they can only have one, but those that judge large families here in the states are no better.

The size and make up of each person’s family should be decided only by God and the members of that family.  That’s my opinion.  But of course I now make up what others consider a large family too.  But for now 8 is enough.  For now…

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Your Vote Would Be?

Our children are home for spring break.  And I just wonder why my husband has to work?  Why can’t we all get breaks?  And not the normal week to two weeks of vacation.  No, I mean breaks like at Christmas, spring time, of course summer and a little for Thanksgiving.  I think the world would be so much easier if we could relax more.  All things should shut down, give the world a chance to breathe,  time to just enjoy our lives.  I just think that would make life a tad bit more livable.  I am all for it.  I don’t know what the rest of the universe would think but I am sure we should vote on it.  So tell me, should we put it to vote?  And of course what would our slogans be?  Breaks for me? I deserve it too?


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The day with 8 kids

Today I had the pleasure to spend the day with our 6 kids plus our 2 nieces.  It has been an adventure.  From making homemade pancakes to getting everyone into the vehicle to head to the mall, it’s been an adventure.  But a nice one.  It’s been a rainy day so we needed a free time killing activity.  So off to the mall and a few other places to kill the day away.  All while getting to be with all the kids and enjoy some needed relaxing time.  Ended up at Brides, we are planning on renewing our vows and I am in need of a pretty dress.  There all the girls forced me to try on a pretty one, we will have to see.

After being gone most of the day we came home where we ended up having a long conversation with the 3 teenage girls.  I don’t know if all kids have problems like these girls do, but it was interesting to hear their side of the story and their pain.  I think as I am now getting older that kids have it easier than I did.   But maybe I am in the wrong.  Maybe everyone does have equal amounts of pain.  We just deal with it our own way.  Maybe we really only get what we can handle.  I don’t think I could’ve handled anymore.  And I know my daughter has rough moments.  I guess all I can do is help her and my other children deal with the everyday pain.  Her and all our other kids. And show them all that God loves them and forgives them so they have to also.  Even in the difficult days.

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Friday and what to watch in the household?

Have you noticed how different Men and Women are when it comes to TV.  I am happy to watch any show where anything productive is happening.  Cooking channels, home channels, real estate shows, even shows about storage units and junk picking.  But the husband wants violence, stupid people shows, funniest type video shows.  I want to learn, experience, see the world, plan new things.  He is content to see the idiots of the world show up for the camera.  Is it that way for all husbands or is my beloved different?

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My First Post, how exciting…

Today I will attempt to start a blog.  I have never done thise before, so I am a little nervous.  Please excuse all grammar mistakes of all kinds.  I am sure I will make many mistakes as I go along.  But my intent is to have a place to vent, to share, to learn and hopefully through it all Grow.  And as a mother of 6 kids, I could definitely use the growing lessons.  Let me just say that I do not think I am any better than anyone else.  I am just another wife, mother, music lover, friend in this world.  But I love this world!

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