The day with 8 kids

11 Mar

Today I had the pleasure to spend the day with our 6 kids plus our 2 nieces.  It has been an adventure.  From making homemade pancakes to getting everyone into the vehicle to head to the mall, it’s been an adventure.  But a nice one.  It’s been a rainy day so we needed a free time killing activity.  So off to the mall and a few other places to kill the day away.  All while getting to be with all the kids and enjoy some needed relaxing time.  Ended up at Brides, we are planning on renewing our vows and I am in need of a pretty dress.  There all the girls forced me to try on a pretty one, we will have to see.

After being gone most of the day we came home where we ended up having a long conversation with the 3 teenage girls.  I don’t know if all kids have problems like these girls do, but it was interesting to hear their side of the story and their pain.  I think as I am now getting older that kids have it easier than I did.   But maybe I am in the wrong.  Maybe everyone does have equal amounts of pain.  We just deal with it our own way.  Maybe we really only get what we can handle.  I don’t think I could’ve handled anymore.  And I know my daughter has rough moments.  I guess all I can do is help her and my other children deal with the everyday pain.  Her and all our other kids. And show them all that God loves them and forgives them so they have to also.  Even in the difficult days.

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Posted by on March 11, 2012 in Day to Day


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