A few days away

19 Mar

This weekend I left the house and went on an adventure with a girlfriend.  We headed South to Austin for an event called South By South West, or SXSW for short.  It’s a music type event with bands and labels and all the people that make music get to the listeners.  And I had an amazing time.  Even had a few drinks.  But I did leave my husband with all 6 kids for 5 days.  And I was pleasantly surprised at how well he handled the entire time.  But with men its different.  I am not sure if he had failed at it if he would have even told me the truth.  He’s one to always tell me the good stuff and not let me worry when I am away.  I do know that the house was not up to its normal look and there was a fire event that required a fire extinguisher, two water hoses, a fire truck and the fire Marshall.  But even that was downplayed to a Haha moment.  But I still have a house, not a trash can, but a house.  I still have 6 kids and I didn’t inspect too closely but I don’t think he has any new grey hairs.  I did have a good time. And I am glad I went away.  Sometimes as Moms we really do need to get away.  Not only for our own sanity but also to be missed.  I need to know that my kids miss me.  I need to know that my husband notices when I am not there.  And just not the house and kids part.  But I need to know he misses me, mind, spirit and body.

I know this weekend my husband and I will be traveling together to a concert.  He is in a band and has to play out of town.  And I get the pleasure of joining him.  Its a good month for me!

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