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How Many Kids?

Since I have been watching the show about the Duggars I thought about this question.  How many is too many?  How many children should one family actually have?

When I was younger I lived in Ohio, and there the older generations was used to having a large family. The families would consist of anywhere from 12-20 kids regularly.  But now it seems the norm is to have less.  But why is this?  Do the parents now a days really have less love to give?  Or is it all about money?  Can we not afford more?  Or is it that we simply that we are unable to spend more on more children.  And this is more about wants than needs.  I can attest to that.  Our family used to be only 4 of us.  Husband, wife and two kids.  But now on less income we have the 8 of us.  And yet we are making it.  Yes I can’t have all the latest gadgets, we are unable at times to do all the cool things, but we have enough love, we have enough food, we have enough room in  the house.

My opinion is easy. If you can do it, why not?  If you are willing to sacrifice to have the family of your choice, then why shouldn’t you?  It is after all your life.  We look at China as wrong for telling the families there that they can only have one, but those that judge large families here in the states are no better.

The size and make up of each person’s family should be decided only by God and the members of that family.  That’s my opinion.  But of course I now make up what others consider a large family too.  But for now 8 is enough.  For now…

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